The Millennial Generation


As the world continues to debate the essence of what being a Millennial is, the Millennial generation, alternately known as ‘Generation Y’ or ‘Generation Net’, continues to confound those that study the demographic as they come into their own internationally.

Defined as those born between the early 80s to early 2000s, there have been many discussions and debates about the advantages of being a Millennial, and the perks associated with the group are considered to be quite substantial.

What Millennials Are Known For

Millennials are arguably the most technologically savvy of all demographic groups and are at the forefront of social media.

Embracing diversity is something that Millennials are quite well-known for. This is due in large part to them also being the most diversified group across socioeconomic platforms, from same-sex marriage to intercultural and interracial unions. As a diverse generation, they are more prone to accepting differences and embracing them instead of shying away like their predecessors have been more prone to do.

They are one of the first generations that was raised with the adage that ‘impossible is nothing’ via teachers, parents, and other adults in their lives. This no-nonsense approach has affected their overall behavior in tremendous ways, regarded as go-getters and free thinkers that are optimistic and determined to get what they want.

No matter the issue – from the environment to medical advancements, social consciousness, politics, and more, Millennials are known for stepping up and voicing their concerns to forge a new path that goes bolder than their parents’ and grandparents’ generations. The tendency to care more about those around them and the impact of their actions is a benefit that later generations will appreciate in the future.

Millennials consider themselves citizens of the world, so they are more likely to travel and feel comfortable any place around the globe. As global citizens, they care about helping the world not only in their own backyard, but across countries and time zones.

Their attitude of believing they can achieve anything is key to the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in this group, with fewer looking towards a standard 9-to-5 job like their parents. They are more likely to work for start-ups and mid-sized companies than huge conglomerates.

Everyone seems to have an opinion one way or another about Millennials, but there is one thing that can be agreed upon – they are eager to impact their lives and the world at large.

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